Bristol and Avon Archaeological Society

Stokeleigh Camp: Leigh Woods

On Sunday August 21, 2016
Paula Gardiner, Gundula Dorey, James Russell

Stoke Leigh Camp is one of three Iron Age hillforts overlooking the Avon Gorge.  It is linked with Burwalls (close to the Suspension Bridge on Bridge Road) and to the Clifton Down Camp, which is on the opposite promontory near to the Observatory.  Stoke Leigh Camp covers 3 ha and much of the multi-vallate ramparts are still visible.  Dating of the site is uncertain, but it was probably constructed in the late Iron Age and remained in use up to the Romano-British period.  Its links with the other two hillforts are tentative, but they were probably strategically sited to control the Avon Gorge and the river below.

Meet at 2 pm at the North Road entrance to Leigh Woods (close to where North Road joins the Abbots Leigh Road).  The path can be muddy and slippery after rain and walking to and round the hillfort needs sensible shoes or wellies and/or walking sticks, if required.

Gundula’s mobile number on the day:  07773 298249