Bristol and Avon Archaeological Society

Fieldwork at Slimbridge, Glos. (NB this replaces an earlier talk by Jack Fuller)

On Wednesday November 9, 2022
Tony Roberts, Archeoscan

PLEASE NOTE this talk replaces that of Jack Fuller’s lecture which unfortunately can no longer take place.

Tony Roberts of Archeoscan will chronicle the geophysics and excavations on an extensive Iron Age and Roman landscape in the vicinity of Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.  Archeoscan are excavating some extensive and enigmatic early Roman buildings close to the (Roman) banks of the River Severn.  The sheer volume and variety of coins and brooches being recovered in the area hint at a major trading centre close to the current village of Slimbridge.  The initial finds are supporting the speculation that this could have been a major Roman entry point in to the area from the 1st century AD.