Christmas Party

  • on December 14, 2016
  • The Apostle Room, Clifton Cathedral, Pembroke Road, Bristol, BS8 3BX

We gathered in the Apostle Room for our annual Christmas Party, where we were able to partake of wonderful food and wine.  We had an excellent book stall, where some of us came home with far too many books.  It was a relaxed evening where members could mingle and chat to friends and greet our youngest member, Henry Churchill, at 12 weeks, who came with his Mum Katie.  We had an exciting quiz (compiled by Paula) which covered a variety of topics; I don’t think anyone knew the language of the Aztecs!  Gundula and her team of Debbie and Tony Scrase won the prize.

A big thank you to everyone who helped provide food, books and music to make a relaxed evening where we could discuss archaeological minutiae, or just catch up with fellow members.


book-stall       quiz


food   poster